An Amazing Repertoire

The Ensemble programs diverse works ranging from Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms to William Bolcom, Chick Corea, Paul Schoenfield, Augusta Read Thomas and other living composers. Orion’s impressive repertoire offers its fortunate audiences a remarkably broad chamber music experience. The Ensemble’s expansive commitment to chamber music embraces the works of the classical through modern standard repertoire as well as an extensive range of new pieces for piano quartet and clarinet. Orion continues to inspire composers with commissions for new works written especially for its unique combination of instruments. As the Chicago Tribune’s John von Rhein wrote upon Orion’s 10th anniversary, “It seems like only yesterday that a remarkable chamber group of musicians calling itself the Orion Ensemble was born. The Orions … quickly established themselves as one of the Chicago area’s most vibrant, versatile and distinctive ensembles, at home in every period but especially committed to enlarging the repertory of its unusual combination of piano quartet and clarinet.”

Orion received the 2000 CMA/ASCAP “Award for Adventurous Programming ” for its cutting-edge performance series “Inside Look at Contemporary Music Initiative.”

Season 24 (2016-2017)
Concert 1: Collage of Colors
Concert 2: Serenade by Three: Orion Beginnings
Concert 3: Connections
Concert 4: Wit and Passion

Season 23 (2015-2016)
Concert 1: French and German Tapestries
Concert 2: Harp Fantasy
Concert 3: American Landscape
Concert 4: Musical Enchantments

Season 22 (2014-2015)
Concert 1: Stepping Out
Concert 2: Rhapsody
Concert 3: Jubliation
Concert 4: Celebration

Season 21 (2013-2014)
Concert 1: Celebrating Brahms
Concert 2: Danube Destinations
Concert 3: Sounds of Russia
Concert 4: Czech and American Romance

Season 20 (2012-2013)
Concert 1: Orion Beginnings
Concert 2: A Night At The Opera
Concert 3: A Voice From Heaven
Concert 4: Folk Inspirations with a Mexican Flair

Season 19 (2011-2012)
Concert 1: Cassadó, Khachaturian, Stravinsky, Granados
Concert 2: Beethoven, Schubert
Concert 3: Garrop, Farenc, Tate, Mendelssohn
Concert 4: Fauré, Gershwin, de la Cerna

Season 18 (2010-2011)
Concert 1: Beethoven, Schumann, Piazzolla
Concert 2: Franck, Françaix, Dubois
Concert 3: Bond, Kókai, Schubert
Concert 4: Mahler, Bolcom, Williams, Mozart

Season 17 (2009-2010)
Concert 1: Arutiunian, Martinu, Schubert
Concert 2: Spohr, Hemenger, Dohnanyi
Concert 3: Baermann, Kritz, Tchaikovsky
Concert 4: Brahms

Season 16 (2008-2009)
Concert 1: Farrenc, Schickele, Strauss
Concert 2: Schubert, Ginastera, de Falla 
Concert 3: Bruch, Schwendinger, Mendelssohn
Concert 4: Beethoven, Williams, Liszt, Borodin

Season 15 (2007-2008)
Concert 1: Turina, Stravinsky, Schumann
Concert 2: Mozart, Babin, Raimi, Brahms 
Concert 3: Beethoven, Dahl, Arensky
Concert 4: Horn, Gould, Schubert

Season 14 (2006-2007)
Concert 1: Mozart, Poulenc, Clarke
Concert 2: Haydn, Labor, Kritz
Concert 3: Beethoven, Khatchaturian, Huydts
Concert 4: Prokofiev, Dvorak, Matheson, Brahms

Season 13 (2005-2006)
Concert 1: Mozart, Martinu, Chausson
Concert 2: Shostakovich, Rota, Mozart
Concert 3: Mozart, Horn, Ives, Debussy
Concert 4: Polzelli, Schoenfield, Mozart

Season 12 (2004-2005)
Concert 1: Faure, Kokai, Labor, Enescu
Concert 2: Dvorak, Whitaker, Schoenfield
Concert 3: Milhaud, Corea, Garrop, Schubert
Concert 4: Beethoven, Shostakovich, Liszt, Mozart

Season 11 (2003-2004)
Concert 1: Mahler, Kritz, Brahms
Concert 2: Schumann, Beethoven, Hindemith
Concert 3: Lutoslawski, Dvorak, Muczynski, Shostakovich
Concert 4: Glinka, Harbison, Danzi, Schoenfield

Season 10 (2002-2003)
Concert 1: Huydts, Mozart, Schumann
Concert 2: Wanhall, Bartok, Beethoven
Concert 3: Schubert, Clarke, Haydn, Fauré
Concert 4: Schubert, Corigliano, Brahms

Season 9 (2001-2002)
Concert 1: Amon, Martinu, Tchaikovsky
Concert 2: Beethoven, Dahl, Strauss
Concert 3: Berry, Saint-Saens, Martin, Berkey, Beethoven
Concert 4: Mozart, Milhaud, Lalliet, Saint-Saens, Labor

Season 8 (2000-2001)
Concert 1: Beethoven, Brahms, Martinu, Turina
Concert 2: Bliss, Copland, Mozart
Concert 3: Pärt, Bliss, Orrego-Salas, Loeffler, Gershwin, Arensky
Concert 4: Bach, Schickele, Mozart, Chausson

The Orion Ensemble is supported in part by grants from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation,
the John R. Halligan Charitable Fund, the Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Fund,
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